Official 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) Association

Former members of the 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) (1975-1992), Join our nonprofit association and honor the legacy of your former Brigade. Members and supporters are also encouraged to visit our 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) Association store where profits will go towards the initiatives of the 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) Foundation.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Organization shall be to perpetuate the memory of 2nd Armored Division (Forward), US Army Europe, by honoring the service and sacrifice of its former soldiers and its subordinate commands. It perpetuates the memory of the 2nd Armored Division (Forward) by maintaining the heritage of 3rd Brigade and its predecessor, Brigade 75, as the former forward deployed presence of 2nd Armored Division in the Federal Republic of German during the Cold War from 1975 until deactivation in 1992.

The 2nd Armored Division (Forward) Association strives to maintain the legacy of 2nd Armored Division (Forward) by planning and executing commemorative and educational activities that celebrate the unit’s history and honor its veterans and families. Specifically, it is dedicated to honoring those 2nd Armored Division (Forward) soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country and shall sponsor memorial services in their memory.

Through its locator and reunion activities, the Organization will create an environment conducive to reestablishing and maintaining foxhole friendships made in 2nd Armored Division (Forward) units and will conduct outreach and maintain liaison with its counterpart, the 2nd Armored Division Association, to perpetuate our shared and common heritage.


All individuals who have been assigned, attached, or have served in support of 2nd Armored Division (Forward) and/or its predecessor unit, Brigade 75 from 1975 to 1992 are eligible for membership in the 2nd Armored Division (Forward) Association. Veterans who served in the 2nd Armored Division but not the Forward Brigade are eligible for an Associate Membership. Individuals desiring membership in the 2nd Armored Division (Forward) Association must submit an application with supporting service documentation to the Board of Directors for approval. All members of the 2nd Armored Division (Forward) Association must pay dues as determined by the Board of Directors annually to be “in good standing” within the Organization. Only members “in good standing” are eligible to vote during the Organization’s Annual Meeting.


The 2nd Armored Division (Forward) Monument Project

The 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) Monument Project is an initiative that is spearheaded by LTC Paul Dulchinos, US Army (Ret); and 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) veterans Ken Tabony and Jim Purcell. The idea is a simple one: Erect a stone monument to the division (Fwd), honoring its service at Fort Hood, Texas, the former home of the 2nd Armored Division.

The hope is that such a marker would celebrate the division (Fwd) in its service in NORTHAG, FRG from 1975 to 1993 and its deactivation. Further, inclusive of this would be an aspect of the monument commemorating the unit's service during the Persian Gulf War.

To the greatest degree possible, the monument group would like to solicit the involvement and participation of the Association and its membership, culminating in a marker that will highlight the service of "Hell on Wheels" soldiers in a worthy chapter of the 2nd Armored Division's history.

History of the 2nd Armored Division (Fwd)

The 2nd Armored Division (Fwd) was a forward-deployed brigade of the 2nd Armored Division stationed in Northern Germany between 1975-1992. During that time, the 2nd Armored Division participated in many NATO exercises, as well as Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm (1990-1991).

Support Our Mission

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Iron Deuce Warriors. Your donations will benefit the cause of establishing a monument to honor the soldiers of the 2nd Armored Division (Fwd). We appreciate your contributions.

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